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We help Fedex Ground contractors to negotiate better ISP contracts. Engage us early to secure the best pricing and to ensure that our services are available for you.

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We are committed to helping our customers level the playing field in their ISP negotiations and assisting them in Last Mile planning and piece rate compensation system modeling. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and 29 years of industry experience concentrated in Last Mile engineering and planning and independent contractor models and their compensation systems.

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Jon Rocchino

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Engineering and financial consulting in transportation & logistics specializing in the following areas:

Fedex Ground ISP Model Negotiations

We analyze and model the value of each contractor's service area and advise strategy and tactics during each round of negotiations to maximize revenue.

  • Initial negotiation
  • End of term negotiation
  • Renegotiations

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Independent Contractor Models Piece Rate Compensation Systems

We have worked with five prominent carriers to engineer their contractor model compensation systems.

  • Market cost structure modeling
  • Productivity modeling
  • Compensation system design & engineering
  • IT compensation delivery system design
  • Independent Contractor Model expertise

Last Mile (Pickup & Delivery) Engineering and Planning

We are experts in all aspects of planning and executing last mile delivery operations.

  • Route planning & optimization
  • Resource planning
  • Budgeting & cost analysis
  • Economics and cost structure modeling

Other Areas of Expertise

We have consulted on a variety of projects in transportation, logistics and ecommerce.

  • M&A due diligence
  • Sortation and line haul
  • Technology application to transportation
  • Ecommerce strategy & tactics of distribution

"You are amazing! I am so glad we met up with you. I hope u will always be around because we want you for every negotiation!!!!! There are so many contractors struggling right now and settling for nonsense."

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