FXG ISP Model Negotiations

The stakes are high. Level the playing field in your ISP negotiation.

Our Approach


We Do The Work For You

We collect your pick up and delivery data and then you provide us with the vehicle type and stem miles for each one of your routes.


We Model Your CSA

From the information collected, we model your contracted service area to determine a fair settlement value.


Maximize Your Benefits

We engineer your contract structure to maximize your benefit: fixed vs variable mix, fuel, bonuses, and stop & package rates.


Negotiate a Great ISP Agreement

We evaluate each round of negotiations and advise you on everything from structuring counter offers to strategy & tactics.

Why Rocchino?

Unsurpassed expertise.

Reason #1

Expert Knowledge


Jon Rocchino is the foremost industry expert in contractor model variable compensation systems. Jon has designed systems for five major transportation companies.

Jon spent 21 years at FXG in engineering roles including Senior Manager of Settlement Engineering and Managing Director of Pickup and Delivery Engineering & Planning, developing their independent contractor and ISP settlement models.

We have consulted on scores of ISP negotiations in many states.

Reason #2

Saved Time & Reduce Stress


We let you do your thing while we do ours. FXG ISP's are experts in operating their small businesses to satisfy their customers. We are experts in transportation piece rate settlement models.

By engaging a proven expert, we reduce your workload and anxiety. We have already encountered everything that you will face in your negotiation.

Simple & straightforward. We don't need your taxes! We collect your data and you fill out one easy spreadsheet.

Reason #3

Great Return on Investment


An ISP negotiation is a complex process. It is full of pitfalls where one mistake can ruin your business.

It's worth engaging an expert to make sure that you get it right. The average ISP contract has a value of $2 million ($1M over two years). Each 1% increase is equal to $20,000 in profit. There are dozens of ways in which we've helped our clients maximize their revenue.

Not only do we help you maximize your revenue but there are ISP's that try doing this themselves and actually experience significant losses and decreased profit.

Reason #4

Completely Confidential


Both parties are bound by a nondisclosure to keep all information confidential.

Simple two page easy to read consulting contract.


Reason #5

Proven Results


References available upon request. Contact us today

Our clients call us for ongoing support. Our main marketing focus isn't just getting clients, it's getting and retaining clients.

Engage us early to ensure that we can serve you. We have had to decline clients in the past.

"THANKS YOU ARE SO APPRECIATED!!! Honestly your guidance is invaluable!"

ISP Client


Our average price is $4,000.00 although prices can vary based on CSA size, complexity and on seasonal timing.

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